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Bringspring Meehealth and Ambient Clinical Analytics Sign Co

2017-10-19  Form:Meehealth  
Beijing, China – October 18, 2017 Meehealth (The wholly owned subsidiary company of Bringspring Technologies Co., Ltd, hereinafter referred to as Bringspring Meehealth or Meehealth) announced today that it has signed a Cooperation Agreement with Ambient Clinical Analytics in Beijing. Bringspring Meehealth plans to sell Ambient Clinical’s products in China and the companies plan to develop new products for China and the world markets. Founded by a Mayo Clinic academic clinical team and seasoned technology entrepreneurs, Ambient Clinical located in Rochester, MN, USA. Ambient Clinical’s software enhances the way critical care providers operate. The company sells real time clinical decision support systems and alerting tools to hospitals which result in reduced errors, lower health care costs, and better patient outcomes. 

"Bringspring Meehealth and Ambient Clinical met in the United States in 2014. Bringspring Meehealth has an international professional team and culture, put a high value on technological innovation and product quality. It is honored to cooperate with excellent partners as Ambient Clinical, “benefiting society and benefiting mankind' is the mutual willingness and foundation of the cooperation, “the companies will jointly contribute to the development of world health service." said Dr. Zhang Jiwu, CEO of Meehealth.
“At Ambient Clinical Analytics, we’re excited to be working with Bringspring Meehealth to cooperate on products for China and the world health IT markets”, said Al Berning CEO of Ambient Clinical Analytics. “Bringspring Meehealth’s strong support of hospitals across China combined with Ambient Clinical’s products that are based on Mayo Clinic technologies, make a strong combination to improve healthcare through the use of advanced real time clinical decision support products.”  
“We’re looking forward to working with Bringspring Meeheath and Ambient Clinical to deploy the unique Mayo Clinic real time clinical decision support technology in China.” said Brian Pickering, M.B., B.Ch., of Mayo Clinic, one of the co-inventors of the technology.
"Bringspring Technology bought Meehealth, which is the industry's leading health IT company, supporting the company's leading edge in the field of clinical application subdivision. Meehealth has established a cooperative relationship with Ambient Clinical, and we are very pleased and excited. We will fully support and have full confidence in doing a good job in the development of the companies’ cooperation." said Qi Zheng, the vice president of Bringspring Technology.
Bringspring Meehealth is health care high-tech enterprises with international perspective, the domestic first-class level, research focus on the research of medical software products, is in the leading position in the market by the operation room, ICU, emergency department and other clinical information application market, customers cross in the well-known 3A hospitals. With strong technical ability in the aspect of data processing, data modeling, system architecture design, the company has to enter the medical health big data, artificial intelligence and other innovative research applications, relying on the research center in the United States of Boston and the international first-class scientific research talents, has made remarkable achievements in the research of the health care field, to improve the efficiency and quality medical services, better more people outcomes.
Ambient Clinical uses licensed Mayo Clinic technologies, which include over 1,000 rules and algorithms, to give critical care providers real-time access to vital process-of-care information and analytics at the point-of-care, as well as from a central Clinical Control Tower. The CERTAIN product provides critical clinical resuscitation information in the first “Golden Hours” of critical care.  Bedside based alerts for conditions like Sepsis allow physicians and medical personnel to spend more time with patients instead of reviewing information.  Ambient Clinicals’ products are designed to support a hospital’s Lean Quality and Six Sigma initiatives.  Ambient Clinical has achieved FDA Class II Clearance for the AWARE and Sepsis DART software platform.
Mayo Clinic and Dr. Brian Pickering have a financial interest in the technology referenced in this news release. Revenue Mayo Clinic receives is used to support its not-for-profit mission in patient care, education and research.
About Bringspring Meehealth

Bringspring (300290) is a technology listed company established in 2005. Driven by ongoing innovative, focus on health data and intelligent cloud services areas. We have established a cutting-edge technologies portfolio in cloud computing, big data, internet of things, artificial intelligence and service. With more than ten years efforts, Bringspring is committed to building a better intelligent and healthier world, and we have grown into a considerable investment value and development potential company. In 2017, company jointly launched the China health big data Limited company, led by National Health and Family Planning Commission, to build a healthy medical big data ecosystem.
Meehealth is a leading Health IT company that supports hospitals across China. It has from the world's leading technology and management team, to provide emergency clinical information system (ECIS), Intensive Care Clinical Information System (ICIS), Anesthesia Clinical Information Management system (AIMS), Hospital Unified information Solution (HUIS), mobile Ward Rounds system and the medical industry IT system products , combined with cloud computing, big data, networking, AI and other new generation of information technology to provide the critical patients cloud platform, regional emergency for overall customer collaborative cloud platform and other medical information solutions.
In 2016, Bringspring wholly owned Meehealth, has strengthened the company's leading edge in the field of clinical application subdivision. Bringspring integrates high-quality resources, and actively explore the clinical medicine artificial intelligence and big data application platform, build health care big data ecosystem, and promote more intelligent health new service model.
About Ambient Clinical Analytics

Ambient Clinical Analytics sells powerful real-time bedside healthcare data assimilation, communication, and analytics based clinical decision support tools that support the general hospital floor, Emergency Department, ICU and other critical care areas. At Ambient Clinical Analytics, we understand the power of data to save lives and our analytics based, real- time, point-of-care solutions like Sepsis DART rely on real-time data to improve sepsis detection and the monitoring of sepsis treatment.  Our business model is supported by software license fees, SaaS, Cloud and system integration support. Ambient Clinical Analytics has an MD and executive team with strong track records in medicine, clinical research and informatics, medical products and IT.  Ambient Clinical’s investors include Social Capital, Mayo Clinic, Waterline Ventures, Bluestem Capital, Rock Health and Rochester Area Economic Development Inc., Additional information about Ambient Clinical Analytics and AWARE indications for use can be found by visiting: www.ambientclinical.com.  
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